Workstation Desk with free design in equipment layout،files،cupboards and shelves

    Technical Specifications

    Desktop and Body; MDF with patterned laminate – Finish: Wood finish – Thickness: 16 mm / Edge bands: PVC band – Thickness: 2.0 mm

    Aluminum ProfilesAluminum made from high quality raw material (Billet 6063 Dubal) and produced by extrusion process – Anodized coating of 15 Micron – Decor: silver

    Rail Drawers; File rail drawers system with ball bearing- length 500 mm

    Drawer Lock; Central three drawer lock – Finish: Nickel -Anti bacterial plastic key cap

    Cupboards Hinge;  Spring type special for doors without handles (Magnet) – Angle of Opening 95 degree – Hinge Body: Steel – Finish: Nickel

    Cupboard Lock; Finish: Nickel – Anti bacterial plastic key cap

    Door handles; Handle body: Aluminum – Finish: Anodized coating – Decor: silver

    Base legs; height adjustment up to 20 mm

    Desk Dimensions

    Layout and dimensions of workstation desk WSD-400 will be designed based on employer demands، users need and work standards